Talent Mapping

What is Talent Mapping & Why it’s Important

Are you aware what talent skills your business will require tomorrow?

Talent Mapping can be that important tool to help shape your recruitment strategy. It allows you to assess your current employee organization and learn about new workforce trends that you may want to adopt. TM also provides an overview of what’s happening in the market, helps plan future recruitment accordingly and improves the quality & speed of hire. 

Talent mapping is a recruitment exercise driven by various business needs. It can uncover the employment set-up of your competitors, show the available talent pool in your market or map best candidates for a specific job. 

It’s important to know how your competitors operate and where the best people work. Knowing how they recruit, who are the key employees, what skills they require, what differences are between you, could help you stay ahead of the competition. 

Even if you are not recruiting right away, you still want to know where to look for the best talent when such need arises. Identifying the talent pool in advance will help close gaps better, faster, cheaper. It’s a great tool to support your recruitment needs when planning medium or long term talent acquisition.

Talent mapping makes even more sense when there is a vacancy you have to fill now. To be able to attract and hire the best talent for a particular role, you need first to identify the pool of potential candidates. 


How you do it? 

Talent mapping is not rocket science, but if you want to do it the right way, there are several questions to answer before starting your search. 

Are you looking to hire immediately, planning for succession or you need some market intelligence? You should plan a mapping strategy that meets best your goals. 

Who is your talent? Assess your existing workforce organization and draw a candidate profile based on the skills you require: experience, seniority, job titles, education level and more. 

How and where you find your talent? Develop a list of companies where you think the right candidates work and start identifying them through researching professional social media, company’s web page, other public available sources and do some calling where you have gaps. 

You can do it yourself, but it’s time consuming and there are other strategic areas where you should be focusing your efforts. We are a recruitment research company so we have the experience and resources to execute talent mapping projects at the highest standards.

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